We enjoy being independent, not trying to be the "next" anything. We're lucky enough to work with artists, writers & other creative types. We work on software applications and websites.


Eric Namour

Eric Namour runs the accounts and project manages. He is a French citizen with an academic background in business strategy and finance (BSs, MA) who has spent his last 8 years working in the digital media industry with a hands-on experience in digital supply chain and operational efficiency. He ran the operations of the most important independent media platform, Consolidated Independent (CI) where he headed an eighteen-staff team responsible for media digitisation and delivery. He was COO and a Director for his last 2 years and now consults for international business development.

He is also a co-founder of Diogenes music, an experimental music aggregator nurturing the music catalogue of over 60 niche labels. Now based in Mexico City, he runs international technical consultancy projects and is finalising the launch of the new web-based application (OTTO) for catalogue management and sales reporting homogenisation. This is due to launch in private beta in Q1 2011. He also is a curator of two experimental music festivals (in London and Mexico) and runs elnicho, a specialised niche music store in Mexico City. His main office is based in Mexico along with the Urawaza support team.

Lives in Mexico City but needs to travel a bit | Age: 35

Dave Driesmans

Dave Driesmans loves to do product design, strategy, wireframing, front-end coding and just overall visual design. He believes that good design must exist at every level: a user friendly interface with a clear vision rendered with clean code. Before he joined the team he worked 7 years for the concert organisation and record label Kraak and worked years as webdesigner on a pleasant mix of small sites and bigger intranet applications.

Living in Leuven, Belgium | Age: 35 | Twitter : @davedriesmans

Danae Silva

Danae Silva assists the project manager and gives clients support with documentation and customized help. She is studying the last semesters of college and she likes to be involved in independent cultural projects.

Living in Mexico City | Age: 23

Finella Halligan

Living in London